Prof. Dra. Inmaculada Postigo

NAME AND SURNAME: Inmaculada Postigo Gómez
POSITION: Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences and Full Professor

Professor and researcher at the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the University of Malaga, PhD   in Communication and Master in New Information and Communication Technologies. She is currently the Dean of the Centre.

Her lines of research cover feminist and communication studies, human rights and international cooperation, and include the creation and analysis of discursive productions with a gender focus, from a critical perspective.

She has carried out pre- and post-doctoral stays in European and Latin American universities, in countries such as Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Austria, Italy, Holland, Ecuador, Guatemala, among others.

She has directed the “Observatorio del tratamiento informativo de la violencia de género”, a project of excellence of the Junta de Andalucía.

She is the head of the research group Feminism, Communication and Cooperation for Social Justice (FEMCOM). She is currently leading the research project “Youth prejudice in social networks and manifestations of gender inequalities: new forms of violence”, within the State Programme for Scientific and Technical Research of Excellence (MINECO), and participates as a researcher in several European projects focusing on hate speech through social networks and media literacy.

She has written articles in indexed journals and book chapters including “La violencia machista a la luz de las interpretaciones de las noticias aparecidas en los informativos”; “Observatorio andaluz de la violencia machista en los medios audiovisuales (Ob-Vio). Towards an opportunity to raise awareness”; “University cooperation. Communication for social change with a gender perspective in Bolivia and Guatemala”.

Since 2009, she has been carrying out international cooperation projects in Latin America (Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, among others) focused on communication as a tool for the empowerment of women and the fight against gender violence.