Alejandro Alvarado

NAME AND SURNAME: Alejandro Alvarado
POSITION: Lecturer and researcher

His research work focuses primarily on documentary film from different perspectives. He has published the book, La poscensura en el cine documental de la transición española (2018,) in the Peter Lang publishing house, and coordinating the volume, El documental en España: historia, estética e identidad, published by Cátedra and the Festival de Málaga (2023). He is the author of numerous publications in which he addresses issues such as the processes of creation in non-fiction film or the application of documentaries to audiovisual literacy, social inclusion and international cooperation projects.

As a filmmaker, he has formed a creative tandem since 2001 with the director Concha Barquero. Together they have directed, scripted and edited a dozen films, mainly creative documentaries and experimental pieces. Among these works, their short film Descartes (2021) and the feature film Pepe el andaluz (2012) stand out. His works have been selected in audiovisual competitions all over the world, such as the Mar del Plata International Film Festival (Argentina), European Media Art in Osnabrück (Germany) and DocLisboa (Portugal).

They have been awarded numerous prizes, such as the Prize for Best Spanish Documentary at Documenta Madrid, the Grand Prize for Spanish Cinema at Zinebi or the XXIX Andalusia Journalism Prize in the audiovisual category.

As a science communicator, his professional work in cultural television stands out. For a decade he was the director of the program Tesis and Tesis en la internacional (2001-11) on Canal Sur Andalucía (804 episodes), a benchmark television programme that has received numerous awards such as the Prize for the Best National Programme for Scientific Dissemination at the XXVI Biennial of Scientific Cinema in Ronda or the First Prize for Television from the Andalusian Advisory Council of RTVE (RTVE).

As a film programmer, he has been a member of the Selection Committee of the Official Short Film Section of the Malaga Festival (2014-2022) and is the programming coordinator of the Sala de los Cineastas Malaga, organized by the association Unión de Cineastas, in collaboration with the Malaga Festival, the University of Malaga and the Cine Albéniz (2016-2023).